If you have any concerns about Coronavirus (known as Covid-19) take a look at the NHS website for up to date advice and information.

Visit the NHS website

NALS is working to support students and will be linking to up to date government advice here:

The government has provided up to date information including a list of countries infected on its website. See here.

If you have any concerns about Coronavirus or have recently visited one of the ‘Lock Down’ countries or special care zones please visit the NHS website and complete the self-survey here.

Hygiene Advice

What can we all do to avoid spreading or catching the virus:

NALS has produced a leaflet for centre users on good hand washing practice, please download a copy below:

Download our Hand Hygiene leaflet

Look after your mental health

It's important at the moment that we all take time to look after our mental health, especially if you are self-isolating or working from home. Please click link below for supportive information from Mental Health Foundation on looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Visit Mental Health Foundation