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GCSE Courses for Adults

NALS offers part-time GCSE English and Maths courses for students who are already working at Level 2 (this will be checked by initial assessment) or have a GCSE grade D-G. The qualification is gained by taking an exam at the end of the course in May.

GCSE English

Our GCSE English programme equips learners with the skills needed to progress onto the GCSE English qualification course and will help you to become familiar with English literary heritage, poetry, creative writing and non-fiction texts.

We offer a variety of added value activities which we strongly recommend you attend, which will support your learning outside the classroom. There are book & film clubs which will cover the key texts and recommended reading through: watching of movies (including adaptations of the origin version) and via relaxed informal discussion in a book club format.

GCSE Maths

If you want to improve your mathematical skills for work, further study or personal development and need or would like to gain the GCSE qualification our one year course is for you. As with the English, there are a number of addition activities such as one day workshops, project workshops and maths clubs where you will be able to develop your skills outside the classroom and in a fun relaxed atmosphere.


G= Gain:
Gain a qualification with us, which will help your studies and job prospects. We can support your return to learning with inspiring tutors and a great out of class learning opportunities such as book clubs and maths project workshops.

C= Confidence:
Together we can help build your confidence and ignite your love for learning. For some their past experiences of education might not always be good or some might not have set foot in a classroom since they left school. Adult education couldn’t be further from your past experiences. We cater for you in a much more informal environment and offer you fun additional learning opportunities which support the classroom based delivery.

S= Study:
We know it is hard to get back into study as well as juggle it around your personal and professional life. We offer the opportunity to engage in additional clubs and workshops which will be informal and fun. The contents of these clubs and workshops will be based on the course curriculum, but will give you the opportunity to explore the topics in more detail.

E= Enjoy:
Let’s help you reignite a love for learning, motivate you and build your confidence. Through studying you will get an opportunity to meet new people and challenge yourself, all with our support.