How to Enrol / Fees

How to Enrol:

For the September 2020 term, enrolment is via this website the week before classes commence. Please go to the Courses tab above for information about our courses and how to enrol.

Course Costs:

Fees are payable before or at the start of the course. There may be additional fees for exams or for materials, please check the full course cost when you enrol.

The different categories of fees described below are for UK/EU Nationals and fees are generally higher for overseas students.

You will be required to bring proof of your entitlement to free or reduced tuition (e.g. benefit book) when you enrol.

Are you over 19 years old and want to study for a Level 3 qualification?

Would you like to know more about 19+ Advanced Learning Loans?


If you are over 19 and applying for a course at Level 3 or above, you will need to pay the full course fee – there are no subsidised rates available to 19+ Level 3 learners.

The full course fee covers ALL costs of your course including tuition, exam fee, DBS (where necessary) and linked course resources.

Provided you meet all the criteria for studying at our centres and have been offered a place on your chosen course, there are two ways in which you can meet the cost:

  • You can pay the full fee yourself either as a one-off payment or in an agreed pattern of instalments.
  • You can apply to the Student Loan Company for an interest free loan to cover the costs of your course fee.

The monthly payment is made directly to Newham Adult Learning Service so you do not have to worry about making payments for your course once your loan is agreed.

Although the loan from the Student Loan Company is repayable, repayments do not apply until you reach an annual income of approximately £25,000 and, in any case, at that point monthly repayments are very small.

Newham Adult Learning Service fully supports the Student Loan application process for students as we are aware it can be daunting for those who have not applied for this type of loan before. If you are thinking about taking a Level 3 course and would like more information about applying for a loan, or have decided to take a loan and would like help with the application process, please contact:

You can apply for a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan in respect of any course which is identified by the 19+ logo.