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Analytical Thinking: Why is Being an Analytical Thinker Useful for Work?
This course covers strategies for improving analytical thinking in the workplace.
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Collaboration: Why is Being Collaborative in the Workplace Important?
Teamwork, collaboration, joined up thinking - How we can work effectively together to get the job done.
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Personal Statement Techniques: Applying for a Job
Need some tips on writing the best job application statement? Take a look at our bespoke course.
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Problem Solving: Solving Life's Problems One Step at a Time
Tips and techniques to help you solve life's everyday problems - one step at a time!
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Bagmaking: Create a Man's Washbag
Create a stylish man's washbag!
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Create a Towelling Turban - An Upcyling Project
Create a useful and practical upcycled towelling turban using an old towel! This course is perfect for the beginner or those with basic sewing skil.
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Wardrobe Make-over: Make a Little Girl’s Dress
Upcycle a piece of clothing into a new dress for a little girl. Use whatever you have at home!
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Watercolour Painting: Petals & Stems
In this Watercolour course you will be exploring ways of painting flora, including learning wet & dry techniques, variegated wash and glazing. This course is suitable for the beginner watercolour artist as well as those who wish to brush up on their floral watercolour art skills.
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Build, Learn & Play
Build your childcare knowledge and skills as you learn through children's play.
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Introduction to ADHD
This introductions level course is suitable for care practitioners and family members who wish to learn more about ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder). It provides and overview of ADHD, together with an awareness of the skills and knowledge needed to enable you to support and individual with ADHD.
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Baking: Chocolate Cake
Bake a delicious chocolate cake - step by step instructions!
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Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating: Decorate an Occasion Cake
Special occasion cake decorating tips and designs - perfect for baby showers and birthdays.
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Cake Decorating: Intro to Sugar Flowers
Learn the basics of suger flower work, create roses and lilies to decorate your cakes.
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Cake Decorating: Intro to Sugar Modelling
Learn to create teddies and cute animals from sugar modelling paste - perfect for your children's birthday cake or to send a friend as a sweet hug!
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Cake Decorating: Using Butter Icing
Everyones favourite! Butter Icing gets an upskill! Learn new piping ideas using this classic favourite!
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Food Hygiene
Food Hygiene & Safety at Home
Stay home. Stay safe. Learn about how to protect your family in the kitchen.
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Making Soup
Making Soup: Chicken Soup
Heartwarming West Indian Chicken soup from scratch! Soup for the soul!
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Making Soup: Vegetable Soup
Healthy vegetarian soup - Our Tutor uses lots of exciting vegetables to create a delicious soup. Perfect for batch cooking.
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Essential Digital Skills: Being Safe & Responsible Online
Learn how to protect yourself in this digital age. This course includes online protocols, netiquette, safely storing your personal information and so much more.
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Essential Digital Skills: Communicating
Effective communication in the digital age! Develop your texting, email and basic video conferencing skills to the max!
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Essential Digital Skills: Creating & Editing
Using your mobile device, create and edit texts, documents, photos and videos!
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Essential Digital Skills: Creating & Editing - Working with Excel
In this online digital skills course, you will learn a range of Excel skills including how to enter data and re-define columns and rows, cell alignment, basic excel formulae. This course is suitable for a someone wanting to learn the basics of using Excel.
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Essential Digital Skills: Setting up a Vlog - Sharing Your Story
Video diaries for the uninitiated!!! Lots of tips and techniques to improve your style and get you noticed.
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Essential Digital Skills: Using Devices & Handling Information
Manage your mobile effectively! Including understanding software versus hardware, storage and operating systems and problem solving.
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Essential Digital Skills: Using Insta
Learn how to get the best from Instagram! Share photos and videos with friends or publically.
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Essential Digital Skills: Using WhatsApp Video
Free communication! We all love that! Learn how to get the best from WhatsApp including videos, group chat and videos.
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Essential Digital Skills: Using Zoom for Education
NALS Adult learners will benefit from taking this short course on how to use Zoom in an Education setting.
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Access to GCSE English
Want to progress to GCSE English? Test yourself with this challenging pre-GCSE course.
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English + Essential Digital Skills
Enhance your English with digital knowledge.
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Learn to Write
Learn to Write Creatively
Creative writing for everyone!
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Learn to Write Fiction
Aspiring writer? Let's get you started on how to write fiction!
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Learn to Write Non-Fiction
What it is and how to write it!
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops
Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Formal Writing
Learn the contexts and format for this important skill
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Punctuation
Full stops, hyphens, commas, colons, semi-colons, question marks. The usual punctuation suspects plus a few surprises!
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Report Writing
Different types of report writing techniques are covered in this workshop.
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Spelling
Learn different ways to improve your spelling!
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ESOL + Childcare
This is an introduction to looking after children and working with them while you practise your ESOL listening reading and writing skills.
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ESOL + Digital Skills
Learn some practical digital skills while practising your ESOL listening, reading and writing.
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Access to GCSE Maths
Want to progress to GCSE Maths? Test yourself with this challenging pre-GCSE course.
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Averages, Shapes & Angle Properties
Not just your 'average' course! Shape up and cover all angles!
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
Funny fractions, deadly decimals and perfect percentages! Come learn how to use them!
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Graphs
Practice your graphical knowledge and skills here!
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Level 2 & GCSE Workshops: Statistics
In these workshops, you'll learn how to analyse and represent data.
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Award in Volunteering: Workshop
Do you want to access volunteering opportunities? Or Just find out more about volunteering? If you have answered yes, then this is the course for you.
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Introduction to ESOL Teaching: Workshop
Interested in Teaching English to adults? This is the course for you.
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Art for Relaxation
Relax with our online art course.
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Autism Awareness
Raise your awareness of the autistic spectrum.
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Create Mindful Abstract Art
Relaxing creative artwork that anyone can do.
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Creative Diary Writing: Meaningful Memories
Creative meaningful written diary entries - Journal your memories, feelings, hopes and ambitions.
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Intro to Stress Awareness & Management
How to better cope with stressful situations.
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Intro to Stress Management for Educationalists
How to manage stressful situations as an Educationalist.
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Introduction to Life Coaching
Gain knowledge and insight into Life Coaching.
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Mental Wealth Through Writing
Writing for your peace of mind - Open to all.
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Work-life Balance & the Impact of Remote Working
Supporting the impact of remote working.
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Young Minds - Helping Young People with Anxiety
Develop an understanding of mental health/anxiety in adolescents.
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